Tanzania government to double water supply in Dar es Salaam

24 août 2011

The water infrastructure in Tanzania is set to improve, after the government announced it will raise its investment to increase water supply in its capital Dar es Salaam.

It intends to boost the amount of water for the city to 710,000 cubic metres per day by 2014, The Citizen reported.

The project will cost the government Sh635 billion (£238 million), which will go towards building a new water damn at Kidunda in Morogoro Region, according to the news source.

It went on to reveal that the water pumping plants Ruvu Juu and Lower Ruvu will be expanded in an attempt to increase the amount of water supplied to the city, which is continuing to grow in population.

The newspaper stated that there are now four million people in Dar es Salaam and it often suffers serious water shortages.

A recent report by the Water and Sanitation Program at the World Bank suggested that projects such as these have been helping to boost water supply in Africa, with 58 per cent of the population in 32 countries now able to receive water.  

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