Eksom Uganda invests $15 million in power stations

7 août 2012

Uganda's aging Nalubaale hydroelectric power station in Jinja will produce efficient energy for another 20 years thanks to a $15 million (convert?) investment from Eksom Uganda, according to New Vision.

Hydroelectric power stations are usually designed to function for a period of 50 years before being switched off and decommissioned, but extensive rehabilitation and restoration work has extended the lifetime of the plant.

Nokwanda Mngeni, the firm's managing director said: "Plant failures/outages have been minimized by over 90%, due to the increased efficiency and plant availability has been maintained at 96 per cent and above."

The investment has resulted in a fall in injuries and fatalities, with a tremendous amount of effort going into skills development and training of both management and staff.

Costs are looking to escalate even further, with Eksom set to invest another $20 million in the power station over the next four to five years.

Catégories: Energie

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