Tendances de financement dans le secteur des TIC

Total commitments to Africa's ICT sector stood at $1.6bn in 2016, significantly lower than the $2.4bn recorded in 2015 and the lowest figure recorded in the last four years.

Figure 85: Engagements des membres de l’ICA en faveur des TIC 2011-2015

Budget allocations made by African national governments increased to $853m in 2016, from $570m in 2015. However, this increase is offset by a significant decrease in commitments from China, ICA members and non-ICA European DFIs. The reduction in commitments from China was significant, with just $300m recorded in 2016 compared with $1.03bn in 2015.

ICA member commitments to the sector totalled $417m in 2016 (approximately 25% of the total), down from the $616m committed in 2015.  This followed three years of rising ICA commitments to the sector.

Southern Africa and the Republic of South Africa saw increases in funding in 2016 - with total commitments rising from $697m in 2015 to $715m in Southern Africa and from $12m in 2015 to $149m in RSA. All other regions saw a decline in funding, with the most significant falls in West Africa and Central Africa, to $149m and $277m respectively.

Figure 86: Total des engagements en faveur des TIC 2014 et 2015

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