Tendances de financement dans le secteur des TIC

Commitments to ICT infrastructure increased by 37%, from $1.7bn in 2016 to $2.3bn in 2017. This has brought investments in the sector back to the highs recorded in 2014 and 2015. Both ICA members and China made major contributions, accounting for 27% and 46% of the overall financing, respectively.

Chinese commitments increased markedly in 2017, to $1.05bn from the $300m recorded in 2016. This signifies the largest amount invested by China over the last five years, eclipsing the previous high of $1.03bn seen in 2015. It is also significantly above the five-year average of $643m.

ICA member contributions also recorded a substantial increase, rising from $417m in 2016 to $618m in 2016. This is the highest recorded over the past five years. African state funding accounted for 26% of the total investment into the ICT sector in 2017. However, total state spending of $600m in 2017 was lower than the $894m recorded in 2016. 

Total ICT sector financing by source, 2013-2017

Regionally, West Africa was the most popular destination for ICT infrastructure financing in 2017, displacing Southern Africa which had received the most investment the previous year. West Africa accounted for $933m, 41% of the 2017 total. Southern Africa received 23%, followed by North Africa (12%), East Africa (10%) and the Central Africa (6%).

Total ICT sector financing by region 2016

Total ICT sector financing by region 2016 graph

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