Tendances de financement dans le secteur des TIC

The ICA’s flagship annual report Infrastructure Financing Trends in Africa 2015 shows that total commitments to the development of Africa’s ICT sector stood at US$2.5bn in 2015, slightly more than the US$2.4bn recorded the previous year.

Budget allocations made by African national governments decreased from US1.11bn in 2014 (45% of total investment from all sources) to US$705m in 2015 (28% of total investment). However, this was compensated by increased commitments from China, which announced investments in 2015 of just over US$1bn – up from US$410m in 2014. While China accounted for 17% of new investment from all sources in 2014, they committed 44% of all financing in 2015.

Graph showing ICA member commitments to the ICT sector 2011-2015

Figure 85: Engagements des membres de l’ICA en faveur des TIC 2011-2015

ICA members committed $616m to Africa’s ICT sector in 2015, an increase of 22% on 2014 and more than double the amount committed in 2013.

Total commitments to the ICT sector 2014 and 2015

Figure 86: Total des engagements en faveur des TIC 2014 et 2015

Taking account of all sources of finance, Southern Africa (including the Republic of South Africa) received the largest share of ICT commitments in 2015 (28.4%), followed by West Africa (22.9%), Central Africa (22.3%), North Africa (10.7%) and East Africa(7%). Pan-African projects accounted for 8.7% of ICT commitments.

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