Tendances de financement dans le secteur des transports

In 2017, commitments to the development of Africa’s transport sector totalled $34bn, accounting for 42% of all new infrastructure financing. This was a substantial increase on the $26.2bn reported in the previous year, helped in part by a 63% rise in commitments made by ICA members.

In 2017, ICA members made $8.1bn of financial commitments, accounting for 24% of the total committed to the transport sector. This was a $3.1bn increase from the $5bn pledged in 2016. 

The financing of transport infrastructure by African states also made notable gains in 2017. The commitments rose to $20.1bn, the highest amount recorded in the previous five years. The contributions made by African states accounted for 59% of total infrastructure financing in the transport sector.

In addition, Chinese commitments increased from $1bn in 2016 to $3.9bn in 2017. Chinese funding accounted for 10% of all new transport financing in 2017. However, this funding is still considerably below China’s five-year average of $5.3bn. Funding by the Arab Coordination Group declined slightly, from $1.4bn in 2016 to $1.3bn in 2017.

Total transport sector financing by source 2013-2017

Total transport sector financing by source 2013-2017 graph

Regionally, East Africa saw both the largest total contribution of transport sector financing (24%) and the biggest increase from the previous year, rising to $8.1bn from $5.3bn in 2016. North Africa received 22% of commitments, followed by West Africa (20%), Southern Africa (17%), the Republic of South Africa (12%) and Central Africa (5%).

Total transport sector financing by region 2017

Total transport sector financing by region 2017

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