Transport Financing Trends

Total commitments to the African transport sector amounted to $24.5bn in 2016, a decline on the $32.4bn reported the previous year. This was largely accounted for by a decline in Chinese commitments, from $9.8bn in 2015 to $1bn in 2016.

Funding from African national governments rose to $14.6bn in 2016, recovering from a notable fall in 2015. ICA member financing fell slightly from the record high reported in 2015, but still totalled some $5bn in 2016.

India, South Korea and regional development banks all saw a significant increase in their financing of the African transport sector in 2016, with commitments of $513m, $242m and $403m, respectively. The private sector also financed $1.3bn of transport infrastructure in Africa in 2016, having closed only $113.5m worth of projects the previous year. 

Total transport sector financing by source 2013-2016

West Africa received $6.6bn of commitments in 2016, representing 26.9% of the total. East Africa, which was the recipient of $11.3bn or more than one-third of commitments in 2015, received $5.3bn (21.7%) in 2016. Financing levels in 2016 in North, Central and Southern Africa (excluding the Republic of South Africa) were similar to 2015 levels, at $4.4bn, $2.9bn and $2.3bn respectively. However, commitments in South Africa fell from $4.8bn in 2015 to $2.6bn in 2016.

Total transport sector financing by region 2016

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