What is the Knowledge Center?

The Knowledge Center is an electronic data-base of documents, reports and publications about Africa infrastructure.

What types of documentation can be found in the Knowledge Center?

The materials, articles and publications within the Knowledge Center are related to Africa infrastructure issues. For example, there are publications and reports about African water, energy, transport and ICT issues. All the documents are specific to Africa infrastructure, however some documents may include information about economic growth, agriculture, regional integration and other themes that correspond with basic infrastructure issues.

In which languages are the publications?

We post the publications in the Knowledge Center in the language they are published. In other words, we do not translate anything. We do make every effort to get as many non-English language publications as possible, however most of the publications are in English.

Who can submit documents to the Knowledge Center?

We welcome anyone to submit a document, article or publication for inclusion in the Knowledge Center! It is very easy to submit something.

Simply write to and ask to have your document reviewed for inclusion in the Knowledge Center.

It is very important that we know the date of publication, the authors and the sponsoring organization or publisher. The ICA Knowledge Center does not purchase or sell publications. Also, we do not sell, buy or publish advertising. The articles, documents and publications in the Knowledge Center must be royalty-free and available for public consumption.

What types of keywords should I use?

It’s best to use key words that are associated with African Infrastructure issues and Africa infrastructure organizations. For example, words and phrases such as water cooperation, transport corridor, power-pool, mobile, renewable energy, open-sky.

What do I do if I cannot download a document?

Please feel free to contact the Secretariat of the ICA. Send us an email at:

How may I use the materials I find in the Knowledge Center?

The Knowledge Center was designed primarily as a knowledge tool – for researchers, writers, students and anyone who wants up-to-date and comprehensive information about Africa infrastructure issues. The publications you down-load may have been produced by ICA (Infrastructure Consortium for Africa). In this case, you are welcome to reproduce the documents in part or in whole – as long as you give proper credit to the ICA. Most publications within the Knowledge Center have not been produced by the ICA. If you plan to re-produce any portion of these publications or documents we encourage you to get in touch with the original author and editor.

Is there anyone I can contact if I have a question about the Knowledge Center?

Yes, you may contact the ICA Secretariat. You may email us at:

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