Africa has the natural resources – what is needed is financing.

The program for infrastructure development in Africa (PIDA) has forecasted that between 2011 and 2040 energy demand in Africa will grow from 590 to 3,100 TWh.

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The Energy challenge

To meet future energy demand in Africa by 2040: US $43 billion dollars of annual capital investment is required. Of that US $43 billion dollars, US $5.4 billion dollars for transmission (regional interconnectors) is required. The current annual investment in Africa energy projects is less than US $5 billion dollars. Regional Integration would save US $33 billion dollars per year - roughly (17%) in power generation costs.

How ICA is helping

To change this trend, and to bring light and power to Africa, there must be the political will to build, manage and maintain a sustainable energy infrastructure in Africa. This is exactly where The Infrastructure Consortium for Africa (ICA) adds value. Through our convening power, the ICA has been able to secure major commitments to transformational power projects throughout Africa.

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