Project Preparation Checklist

When first considering an infrastructure project, and before a potential financier will begin to consider offering support, project promoters and developers need to compile information around six key issues:

  1. Is there an enabling environment for my project?
    (e.g. Is legislation in place to enable my project to go ahead?  Is the regulatory framework supportive?)
  2. Is my project clearly defined?
    (e.g. Have the project outputs been identified?  Who are the partners and project champions?  Is there an action plan?)  
  3. Is my project feasible?
    (e.g. Is there organisational & financial capacity to sponsor my project? Has financial modelling been completed?)
  4. How will my project be structured?
    (e.g. Will it be a public, private or public/private project?  Is there a legal structure in place?)
  5. What are the transaction and closure procedures in my project?
    (e.g. How and when will all the documents be signed, covering project financing, technical/engineering aspects, legal matters etc?)
  6. How will my project implementation be monitored?  
    (e.g. How will project progress be monitored and evaluated?  Can my project adapt to changed circumstances?)

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