The population of Africa is projected to double in the next 35 years; doubling the demand for food, grain, clean water and increasing energy demand by 4 times.

In order to reach basic development standards for water, Africa needs U.S. $50 Billions dollars in annual investment. Currently less than U.S. $5 billion dollars per year is committed by ICA members to water projects in Africa.

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The Water challenge

The challenges for development of African water infrastructure are daunting. There is still a funding gap that hinders achieving the Millennium Development Goals for water and sanitation in Africa.

Integrated water resource management remains a challenge at the national and regional level because of institutional, political and regulatory barriers to water cooperation. The impact of climate change has caused dramatic hydrological variability highlighting the urgent need for the adaptation of climate-resilient approaches.

How ICA is helping

The ICA Water Platform was established in 2011, and is championed by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and KfW. The objectives are:

  • Increase financing for sustainable water infrastructure
  • Identify and promote bankable water related projects with a special focus on regional projects.
  • Facilitate dialogue between African stakeholders, development partners and the private sector.
  • Foster greater cooperation
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