Intra-regional trade of Africa remains at 12.8% in 2012, in comparison to the European Union at 68.6%.

To import a 20 foot container in sub-Saharan Africa the average cost is $2,793 dollars and it takes about 38 days. By stark contrast to import a 20 foot container from the port to destination in Singapore the average cost is $440 dollars and it takes only 4 days.

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The Transport challenge

For 16 landlocked countries in Africa, the cost of trading is 50 times higher and the volumes of trade are 60% lower than in african coastal countries.

The program for Infrastructure development in Africa (PIDA) has forecasted that by 2030, six border crossings are expected to exceed 2,000 heavy goods vehicles. (PIDA | Africa’s Infrastructure Outlooks 2040)

How ICA is helping

To unlock the potential of Intra-African trade and boost competitiveness, governments should redouble their efforts to improve both “hard” and “soft” infrastructure.

By the end of 2015, twenty seven border posts will either be under construction or fully functional.

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