Intra-regional trade in Africa stood at 18% in 2015, compared to 69% in Europe, 52% in Asia and 50% in North America.

Africa accounts for 16% of the world’s population, but for only 2% of global trade, while intra-regional trade in Africa is very low.  Transport infrastructure – national, regional and international – is a crucial driver of Africa’s development and enables economies to be more competitive.

The Transport Challenge

Transport is a catalyst for sustainable economic development and growth.  Improved transport infrastructure in Africa would facilitate and grow domestic, regional and international trade, lower the cost of doing business and make African nations more competitive, both within the continent and globally. Africa’s population is growing rapidly, and it is becoming a predominantly urban continent, which presents further challenges (and opportunities). But Africa’s large transport infrastructure deficit is holding it back.

Addressing the Transport Challenge

Closing Africa’s transport infrastructure deficit will require considerable public and private sector investment, together with political commitment, regional cooperation and capacity building at national and regional levels. With commitment and investment the goal of an integrated African continent, with efficient, reliable and affordable transport options, is achievable. The ICA encourages investment in Africa’s transport sector through facilitating dialogue, enhancing coordination, increasing knowledge and sharing information.

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