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African Development Bank Supports Ghana’s Renewable Energy Sector with $1.5 Million Grant


The African Development Bank has approved a US$1.5 million grant from to assist Ghana’s s renewable energy investment drive. The grant will support the government’s efforts to overcome technical, financial, regulatory and institutional barriers to scaling-up renewable energy investments in the country.

Africa deserves more optimism and attention from City investors


In Johannesburg last month, the Prime Minister set a new ambition for the UK to be the largest G7 foreign direct investor in Africa by 2022. Achieving that ambition won’t be easy, but for UK investors who are prepared to change their attitudes and look beyond the easy choices, there are great opportunities.

MiDA highlights challenges, opportunities for investing in African infrastructure


New research by Mercer and Mobilizing Institutional Investors to Develop Africa’s Infrastructure (MiDA), finds that organisations should be proactive with their infrastructure investment strategy and should be considering the benefits of investment in sub-Saharan Africa.

Nordic Investment Bank is partnering with Afreximbank to bridge the infrastructure deficit in Africa


The Nordic Investment Bank (NIB) has signed a 10-year loan programme of €100 million with the African Export-Import Bank to finance various infrastructure projects in African countries.

More internet access is coming to Africa, but the market isn’t always ready for it


While investment in building and maintaining intra-country road networks has been slow in coming, connecting Africa via the internet has lately made more progress.

Russia-Africa Investment Forum Set for November


The Russia-Africa Investment Forum is one of the platforms that seeks to promote business opportunities on the African continent and serves as a bridge between Russian and African business.

Africa: EU Investment in Africa - Europe Racing to Catch Up


For many years now, the EU's Africa policy has been a graveyard of big words, good intentions and unfulfilled promises. However, since the refugee crisis interest in a new strategy for cooperation with the continent has increased sharply.

African Union, Donors Launch US$10 Billion Water Fund for Projects


The African Union Commission and its partners have launched a water project that will see US$10bn invested over five years to support infrastructure for trans-boundary water and hydropower projects, as part of a thrust towards regional economic integration.

Argument: Corruption is wasting Chinese money in Africa


Beijing’s funding could do tremendous good—if Africans fight for their own real interests.

Egypt is the most attractive African country for investment - RMB


Egypt is the most attractive African country for investment according to Rand Merchant Bank's eight edition of 'Where to invest in Africa'. The analysts believe that efficient infrastructure is essential to uncovering opportunities and unlocking Africa's growth potential.

Sukuk - A new avenue for funding African infrastructure


African governments need to embrace private sector infrastructure investment to alleviate the burden on the public purse. Sukuk – the Islamic equivalent of bonds – give investors a share of an asset together with the attendant cash flows and risk.

World Bank Key to Addressing Investment Funding Gap - Kagame


The current mismatch between capital seeking profitable ventures and the chronic deficit of large-scale investments in Africa can be addressed through closer collaboration with institutions such as the World Bank Group.

West criticises China over its debt policy in 'new scramble for Africa'


A war of words is emerging between China and the West over who has the best interests of Africa at heart when it comes to vitally needed investment.

Solar to account for 9% of new energy capacity in Africa in next 2 years


An Africa power sector scorecard shows that solar will make inroads into the African energy sector over the next two years, accounting for 9% of new capacity additions.

Fossil fuels dominate African energy investment


A study has found that 60% of international public finance in African energy goes to fossil fuels, compared to just 18% to cleaner alternatives. Are wealthy countries offshoring emissions?

Chinese 'will have to manage risks' as investors pour more cash into China


African Development Bank chief denies nations have been pushed into a debt trap but says they should take ownership of deals.

UK’s ambition to invest in Africa is an opportunity for blended finance


The UK government's pledge to generate up to £8bn of public and private investment in Africa is the latest example of a trend where governments are turning to innovative finance, mobilising the private sector to make their development funds achieve larger impact.

China raises fears of 'new colonialism' with $60bn investment across Africa


Chinese President Xi Jinping on Monday pledged $60 billion in financing for projects in Africa in the form of assistance, investment and loans, as China furthers efforts to link the continent's economic prospects to its own.

China’s Xi Pledges $60 Billion Toward Africa’s Development, Waives Some Debt


China’s President Xi Jinping pledged $60 billion in financing for Africa’s development and waived some debt owed by the continent’s poorest countries, batting away criticism that Chinese investments may be exacerbating a looming African debt crisis.

China pledges $60bn for Africa as Xi rejects 'debt trap' claims


Xi Jinping, China’s president, has pledged $60bn for African development over the next three years while countering criticism that Beijing is trying to ensnare African governments in a debt trap.

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