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AfDB Approves U.S. $256 Million Investments in Infrastructure, Water, Sanitation and Health


The Board of Directors of the African Development Bank Group (AfDB) held its first regular meeting since the Bank returned to its statutory headquarters in Abidjan on Monday, September 8 and approved a combined US $256 million...

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Sénégal : Potabilisation de l'eau dans le Faboli : L'Etat pour un partenariat public-privé


Le ministère de l'hydraulique et de l'assainissement, avec l'unité de coordination du Pepam, a organisé un atelier de restitution d'une étude sur la délégation de gestion des unités de potabilisation dans le...

Catégorie: Eau

AU and AfDB signed agreement for improved access to rural water supply and sanitation in 10 African countries


Five million people in ten countries - eight of them fragile states - are set to benefit from an Africa-wide resource mobilization initiative aimed at improving their access to drinking water, sanitation and...

Catégorie: Eau

WaterAid loue le leadership de l'AMCOW dans le règlement de la crise de l'assainissement en Afrique



L'ONG internationale WaterAid salue le leadership du Conseil des ministres africains chargés de l'Hydraulique (AMCOW) pour trouver des solutions à la crise de l'accès à l'eau potable et à l'assainissement en Afrique,...

Catégorie: Eau

World Bank, AfDB, Others back Nigeria's Water & Sanitation with $638M



As part of efforts to boost water supply and improve sanitation in the country, the World Bank, African Development Bank (AfDB), French Development Agency (FDA), and Japan International Corporation Agency (JICA), have...

Catégorie: Eau

L'Afrique manque d'eau potable



Depuis lundi se tient à Dakar la semaine africaine de l'eau avec des responsables de sociétés de distribution d'eau et des officiels en provenance des 54 pays du continent.

Dans les faits, la majorité des pays africains...

Catégorie: Eau

Liberia: Millions Missing in Water Sector


New Democrat (Monrovia)

Every 100 gallon pumps of water to Monrovia and its environs, 80 gallons are lost either through illegal connections or burst pipes, thus losing millions in the water sector, the Managing Director of the...

Catégorie: Eau

Lack of electricity impedes progress in sub-Saharan Africa


STLtoday (US) by Stephanie Peace

If you were to make a list of the most important issues facing the poor in Africa today, you would probably include access to healthy food, clean water and improved health care, but may not think...

Catégories: Infrastructures générales, Eau, Energie

African Development Bank To Launch $3bn Infrastructure Fund



African Development Bank plans to launch a $3bn infrastructure fund to raise money to deliver on vital infrastructure on the continent.

The money will be raised from regional and non-African pension funds, insurance...

Catégories: Transport, Energie, Eau, TIC

World Water Day 2014 - Interview With Alex Rugamba, Afdb Director of Energy, Environment and Climate Change


All Africa

On the occasion of World Water Day, which is celebrated on March 22 and this year focuses on water and energy, Alex Rugamba, Director of the African Development Bank's Energy, Environment and Climate Change...

Catégories: Energie, Eau

AfDB Approves 18.74 Billion CFA francs for Senegal's Water and Sanitation Sector Project


Senegal will receive a combined African Development Fund loan and grant amounting to 18.74 billion CFA francs approved by the Fund's Board on Wednesday, April 23, 2014 in Tunis, to finance the country's Water and Sanitation...

Catégorie: Eau

Nile dam study fails to stem the tide of Egyptian indignation towards Ethiopia


Claim and counter-claim has attended the delayed publication of a report on the likely impact of the Grand Renaissance dam.

The opening sentence of Egypt's new constitution describes the country as the river...

Catégories: Eau, Energie

Water Wars? Think Again: Conflict Over Freshwater Structural Rather Than Strategic


Sodere Ethiopians News and Entertainment

The global water wars are almost upon us!At least that´s how it seems to many. The signs are troubling: Egypt and Ethiopia have recently increased their aggressive posture and rhetoric...

Catégorie: Eau

Cap-Vert: L'énergie des ondes pour dessaler l'eau de mer



Le Cap-Vert veut utiliser l'énergie des ondes pour dessaler l'eau de la mer - Un projet-pilote de la technologie de dessalage de l'eau de la mer à partir de l'énergie des ondes de la mer sera implanté dans l'île...

Catégorie: Eau

Southern Africa: Kariba Dam Collapse Fears and Disaster Preparedness in Zimbabwe



Could fears of the imminent collapse of the more than five-decade-old Kariba Dam on the Zambezi river between Zimbabwe and Zambia spur Zimbabwe into more effective disaster preparedness?

In early March, engineers at a...

Catégories: Energie, Eau

Nigeria water market associated with distinct lack of legislation and regulation


Nigeria's water sector is severely underdeveloped and there is a distinct lack of legislation and regulation governing the industry. Water infrastructure is also lacking, and the disorganised Water Ministry and...

Catégorie: Eau

Guebuza calls for infrastructure investment in Africa



Mozambican President Armando Guebuza says investment in transport, communications and energy infrastructures is not just a business opportunity but is a crucial ingredient for peace and security in Africa, APA learns here...

Catégories: Energie, Transport, Eau, TIC

AfDB to finance water, energy and SME projects in Egypt



African Development Bank (AfDB) has said it will finance projects in the water, irrigation, energy and small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs) sectors in Egypt. The bank also expressed its readiness to continue to...

Catégories: Eau, Energie

The trillion-dollar gap. How to get more of the world’s savings to pay for new roads, airports and electricity


The Economist

If you have been to New York’s La Guardia airport recently, taken a train during London’s rush hour, tried to drive in Lagos or endured one of India’s ubiquitous power cuts, you will have first-hand knowledge of...

Catégories: Energie, Transport, TIC, Eau

Growing global thirst for energy threatens water supplies

21/03/2014 by Claire Provost

Soaring energy demands will pile pressure on already strained water resources, warns the UN on eve of world water day.

Growing demand for energy will put increasing pressure on the world's...

Catégories: Energie, Eau

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