Tanesco reveals plans to improve Tanzania's energy infrastructure

5 avril 2012

Tanzania Electric Supply Company (Tanesco) has revealed details of its ambitious plans to improve the country's energy sector, saying that the improvement could cost at least Tsh1.3 trillion (US$815.82 million).

William Mhando, Tanesco's managing director, told East African Business Week that the country's power generation is insufficient to meet rising demand.

At present, the country's current power generation stands at 718MW. However, Mr Mhando said that demand is set to reach between 600MW and[space]829MW per day.

But in order to replace the outdated power infrastructure that is currently holding back the country's economy, Mr Mhando observed that a significant sum of money must be first be raised.

"We need at least Tsh1.3 trillion (US$815.82 million) to address the power problems, which have affected power production, transmission and distribution and hence caused frequently power cuts," he said.

In the short-term, though, Tanesco continues to improve the production, transmission and distribution of electricity, Mr Mhando added.

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