Déclaration finale de la Première réunion de la plateforme de l’ICA pour l’eau, 8-9 mars 2012 à Francfort

19 avril 2012

Première réunion de la plateforme de l’ICA pour l’eau
8-9 mars 2012
Francfort, Allemagne

Identifier les défis et les opportunités du financement et de la mise en œuvre des programmes mis en place pour les eaux transfrontières et l’adaptation au changement climatique.

Hébergé par
German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)

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Overview of the meeting

The 1st Water Platform Meeting of the Infrastructure Consortium for Africa (ICA) took place in Frankfurt from 8-9th March, 2012.

Hosted by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and KfW, the meeting was attended by senior representatives from ICA Members*, African Development Bank, African Union Commission (AUC), African Minister’s Council of Water (AMCOW), River Basin Organizations, NEPAD Planning and Coordination Agency (NPCA) and Regional Economic Communities (RECs).

The meeting was opened by her excellency Ms Rhoda Tumusiime (AUC  Commissioner Rural Economy & Agriculture),  Bai Mass Taal (Executive Secretary of AMCOW), Dr. Norbert Kloppenburg  (Member of the Executive Board of  KfW), Alex Rugamba (AfDB Director) and Ulrike Haupt  (BMZ, Head of Division Pan-Africa). All speakers highlighted the need for financial and technical support of the preparation and implementation of the priority projects identified by the Program for Infrastructure Development in Africa (PIDA) and the investment programs on REC level. They also stressed the importance of alignment of water sector activities with priorities established by African regional organizations.

Achieving water security in Africa requires special attention to water resource issues that include managing resources on a transboundary level, coordinating actors, developing climate-proof infrastructure, facilitating implementation of water infrastructure investments and promoting best practices.

In this context, the meeting reviewed the lessons learned from African and development partners in identifying major barriers, challenges and new opportunities in the development, financing and implementation of Transboundary Water Resource and Climate-Change Adaptation Programs in Africa.

Discussions on the theme of Climate Change underlined the importance of adaptation and the need for climate-resilient water sector investment, collection of dissemination of reliable data, knowledge sharing in planning climate change adaptation programs, and sound preparation of bankable projects to attract financiers from both the public and private sectors.

Main Outcomes

Conclusions and outcomes of the Water Platform Meeting were drawn in the final session by the ICA Coordinator Mohamed Hassan, which are summarized in the following section:

1.   The objective and current work plan for 1st half of 2012 (including studies on “Benefit sharing in cross border investments” and “Study on water tariffs and pricing structures”) and of the ICA Water Platform was well received and synergies and potential for collaboration recognized.

2.  AUC and AMCOW confirmed their support and welcomed close collaboration with the ICA Water Platform. AMCOW asked ICA to organize one session in accordance with ICAs role and mandate to promote infrastructure investments at the upcoming African Water Week in Cairo from 14th-18th May 2012.

3.  There was consensus amongst the participants of the importance to align the Water Platform activities with African priorities (e.g. African Water Vision and AMCOW priorities and work plan) and to facilitate collaboration.  The African Stakeholders ownership is of importance in the coordination of joint efforts.

4.  The coordination of existing initiatives in the water sector and the importance of clear mandate and value-added of each initiative in the water sector was emphasized. It was acknowledged, that the ICA adds value to the water sector in working as catalyst for resource mobilization and investment promotion based on ICAs convening power.

5.  The Meeting identified the following areas of potential support by the ICA and its Water Platform in accordance with two pillars of the ICA Strategic Business Plan. These suggestions will be further discussed and prioritized in accordance with the objectives of the ICA Water Platform:

Brokering of Regional Programs - Resource Mobilization

a.  Support the mobilizing of financing for the preparation & implementation of PIDA Priority Action Projects on the transboundary water component & the national/regional investment programs of RECs/RBOs (e.g. support of investment promotion and “match-making conferences”).  Bilateral follow up meetings with AMCOW, AUC, RECs & RBOs are envisaged at the World water Forum in Marseille to discuss concise activities.

b.  Financial resources for Project Preparation are needed. In that respect the ICA Project Preparation Fund Finder (PPFF) could provide relevant information to RECs, project developers and financiers also in the water sector. Relevant information for the water sector could be disseminated through the Water Platform after the launch of the ICA PPFF. 

c.  In view of limited resources available, participants emphasised the principal of selectivity and prioritisation of programs. The removal of barriers to attract private investment in Africa and inclusion of local financing sources (e.g. regional development banks) should therefore remain in the Platform Program. The upcoming IFC PPP Workshop on Water & Sanitation jointly organized by IFC, ICA, WSP and PPIAF was welcomed in that respect.

d.  Facilitation of access to Climate Financing (e.g. development of strategies to access Climate Financing, set of recommendations to increase absorption capacity) was mentioned as a further potential area of support.  As there are other institutions already working on this topic, the WP should promote these initiatives and provide support as far as possible.

Enhancing Coordination and Knowledge Sharing / Knowledge Products

e.  Support of AUC programs e.g. data collection and definition of indicators of water standards in the framework of the “Monitoring and Evaluation Program”. The ICA and its platforms will continue to support African Infrastructure Knowledge Program (AIKP) to close the data gap. In that respect the WP could enhance cooperation/data exchange of AIKP with relevant AUC programs.

f.  Support the information sharing/exchange of lessons learnt amongst the different RECs/RBO through relevant knowledge pieces.

g.  Support of information sharing between existing initiatives, ICA Members and African Stakeholders. In that respect, the Knowledge Centre (KC) that will be launched on the ICA website will provide a platform to share existing knowledge and will reduce duplication. All participants will be asked to join this effort in providing relevant studies, research papers and other sector documents for publication in the KC.

It was agreed that the outcomes from the discussions will feed into the World Water Forum, held in Marseille, France from 12 to 17 March 2012, and will also be considered in the update of the work plan of the Water Platform for 2012 in accordance with the WPs objectives and mandate. Given the limited capacity of the Water Platform priority should be given to “match-making” activities that promote infrastructure investments. Water Platform Meetings will be held regularly twice a year to update the participants on progress made.


1.  Concept Note & Agenda

2.  Participants List

*ICA Members: G8 governments, the African Development Bank, the World Bank, the European Commission, the European Investment Bank, and the Development Bank of Southern Africa.
Télécharger la version complète de la Déclaration finale et ses annexes en anglais uniquement.

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