Nigeria to boost hydropower energy with dam developments

15 septembre 2011

More hydropower energy could be produced in Nigeria after the government revealed its plans to develop 20 medium and large dams in the country.

Minister of water resources for Nigeria Sarah Reng Ochekpe said these existing dams will be improved in order to boost hydropower infrastructure in the African nation.

She stated that president Goodluck Jonathan has put together plans to develop water and power plants, which includes this improvement of hydropower stations.

Mrs Ochekpe commented: "The federal government has taken steps to maintain existing infrastructure especially dams and irrigation projects while a number of new dams and reservoirs are to be constructed."

She suggested that this could help boost Nigeria's financial situation, adding that the government is conscious that there is a link between the "number of dams and hydropower developed [and] the socio-economic [situation] of any country".

Last month, president Jonathan told the Board of the Niger Delta Power Holding Company of his intentions to improve the country's energy infrastructure by 2015, saying by then Nigerians will enjoy a constant supply of power. 

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