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Mauritania: Work starts on a wind farm


Last Sunday, the Mauritanian Prime Minister, Moulaye Laghdaf, laid the first stone at Nouadhibou for a wind farm.

With a capacity of 5 megawatts, it will comprise 16 wind turbines. The...

Category: Energy

DRC: Construction of a second high-voltage line between Inga and Kinshasa


At the start of this week, the Société nationale d'électricité  (SNEL) of the Democratic Republic of the Congo signed an agreement with the Indian group Kalpa Taru for the construction of a...

Category: Energy

La Chine et le Botswana renforcent leur coopération dans les infrastructures


La Chine a signé ce week-end plusieurs accords avec le Botswana, à l'occasion de la tournée africaine du vice-président chinois Xi Jinping. "Avec cette première visite officielle, nous...

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South Africa 'to lead continent's infrastructure growth'


Improvements in Africa's energy, transport and telecommunications infrastructure should be driven by South Africa, one expert has claimed.

Ebrahim Patel, economic development minister and delegate of the bi-lateral trade...

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Nigeria launches renewable energy scheme


Nigeria is going to launch renewable energy and sustainable transport plans that will improve the infrastructure of the country.

The nation has submitted and received backing for a $250 (£156) million investment plan after...

Categories: Transport, Energy

'Better electricity generation required' in Southern Africa


Southern Africa should look to boost regional economic development by increasing the amount of electricity it generates, it has been claimed.

Robert Mugabe, president of Zimbabwe, was speaking after the Caprivi Link...

Category: Energy

Zimbabwe 'to improve energy infrastructure with ethanol project'


An ethanol project is taking place in Zimbabwe that will improve the energy infrastructure of the country.

The $600 million (£375 million) scheme is currently taking place in Chisumbanje in Chipinge, Manicaland and it is...

Category: Energy

Energy schemes receive backing from Clean Technology Fund


A number of African middle-income countries are to alter their energy infrastructure so there is more of an emphasis towards clean technology.

Algeria, South Africa, Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt will receive assistance from the...

Category: Energy

Namibia to build hydro-electric power stations


Plans are being developed in Namibia that will see the creation of hydro-electric power stations along the Lower Orange River.

According to the Inter Press Service, up to nine run-of-the-river generating stations will be built...

Categories: Water, Energy

Energy projects 'must help right people'


It is important that the right people benefit from concentrated solar power (CSP) projects in Africa, it has been claimed.

According to the Bank Information Centre, which partners with developing countries to influence...

Category: Energy

African Carbon Support Project launched


The African Carbon Support Project has been launched with the help for the African Development Bank (AfDB) and Carbon Limits, which may help tackle the issue of climate change.

It will try to help projects in the continent that...

Category: Energy

African summit focuses on importance of clean energy


A range of energy specialists and politicians are taking part in a conference that will focus on the importance of developing clean energy in Africa.

The All-Africa Energy Week is running from November 1st to 5th and it will give...

Category: Energy

AfDB gives Zimbabwe $58m for water and power projects


The African Development Bank (AfDB) is to give Zimbabwe $58 million (£36 million) to put towards water and power rehabilitation projects.

It comes after a decade where the infrastructure of the country has been decimated by...

Categories: Water, Energy

South Africa to build world's largest solar energy park


South Africa has unveiled plans for what will be the world's largest solar park, which will significantly improve the energy infrastructure of the country.

The project will cost 200 billion rand (£18 billion) and is...

Category: Energy

Kenya energy project to increase connectivity


An energy infrastructure project in Kenya is aiming to bring electricity to one and a half million more people and businesses.

It is all part of the Kenya Electricity Expansion Project and it hopes to connect everyone to the grid...

Category: Energy

Nigeria requires improved electricity infrastructure


More infrastructure projects are needed in Nigeria in order to improve the electricity supply it generates.

Frost & Sullivan energy and power systems research analyst Sandra Ayingono noted the rural electrification programme...

Category: Energy

South African solar energy park 'will happen'


The South African government has vowed to continue with its plans to create a solar energy park.

It could be providing electricity to the national grid by 2012 and its cost has been put at 150 billion South African Rand...

Category: Energy

South Africa green energy project benefits thousands


A green energy project in South Africa has ensured the right infrastructure has been developed so that 4,000 families can now enjoy safe supplies of heating and lighting.

Those affected by the move are the residents of a township...

Category: Energy

'More time needed' to review South Africa energy plan


The future of South Africa's energy infrastructure may be discussed by stakeholders in Business Unity South Africa (BUSA), who are currently considering the government's draft Integrated Resource Plan (IRP 2010).

It has...

Category: Energy

Natural gas-powered buses enter service this month in Ivory Coast


The Ivory Coast is leading the way in the field of transport and ecology, with its project for buses powered by natural gas.

Transport company Sotra has in fact announced its intention...

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