Nigeria requires improved electricity infrastructure

20 October 2010

More infrastructure projects are needed in Nigeria in order to improve the electricity supply it generates.

Frost & Sullivan energy and power systems research analyst Sandra Ayingono noted the rural electrification programme offers "significant" opportunities for future growth in the country.

"The Nigerian government has embarked on privatisation of the power sector to increase the sector's capacity and efficiency in meeting the unmet electricity demand," she added.

It claimed the national integrated power projects will help create infrastructure that is innovative, while the installed generation capacity is expected to grow by 37 per cent.

Ms Ayingono remarked those in power in the nation have to ensure adequate resources are given to improving the transmission and the distribution of energy.

The problems of unreliable electricity supply, a lack of gas caused by pipelines being vandalised and inadequate maintenance of existing equipment have to be eradicated.

It comes after the South African government launched its Renewable Energy Procurement Project.

Categories: Energy

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