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Railway upgrade for South Africa


A South African company is planning to spend 93 billion rand (£8 billion) upgrading rail infrastructure over the next five years.

Transnet noted the scheme could end up passing the 100 billion rand mark and that 35 billion...

Category: Transport

AfDB 'to support infrastructure programmes'


The African Development Bank (AfDB) will continue to invest in infrastructure in order to improve regional integration in the continent of Africa.

According to the group, the area will experience "long-term growth" if...

Category: General

South Africa to build world's largest solar energy park


South Africa has unveiled plans for what will be the world's largest solar park, which will significantly improve the energy infrastructure of the country.

The project will cost 200 billion rand (£18 billion) and is...

Category: Energy

EU gives Tanzania money for climate change programme


The EU has contributed €2.2 million (£1.9 million) to Tanzania to help the country improve its infrastructure in the fight against climate change.

It is one of four countries that benefit from the trial scheme, which...

Better internet infrastructure 'could help Africa develop'


Africa has to improve its internet infrastructure in order to improve its chances of progress, one expert has claimed.

Kunbi Oguneye, chief executive of Nigerian Internet solutions provider Suburban Telecom, told the Sowetan:...

Category: ICT

Kenya energy project to increase connectivity


An energy infrastructure project in Kenya is aiming to bring electricity to one and a half million more people and businesses.

It is all part of the Kenya Electricity Expansion Project and it hopes to connect everyone to the grid...

Category: Energy

ADF gets more funding for low-income countries


Countries in Africa may be able to benefit from infrastructure grants after the African Development Fund (ADF) was replenished with $9.5 billion (£6 billion).

It is the twelfth time the ADF has received cash and it...

Category: General

Zuma: Africa's transport infrastructure has to improve


Jacob Zuma has called on the transport infrastructure of Africa to be improved.

The South African president, noted that without better roads and rail services the area will continue to rely on its European counterparts.

He added...

Category: Transport

Africa's transport infrastructure can help regional integration


The development of Africa's transport infrastructure has played a big part in improving regional integration, one expert has claimed.

John Tambe, a spokesman for the New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD), was...

Category: Transport

Nigeria requires improved electricity infrastructure


More infrastructure projects are needed in Nigeria in order to improve the electricity supply it generates.

Frost & Sullivan energy and power systems research analyst Sandra Ayingono noted the rural electrification programme...

Category: Energy

South African solar energy park 'will happen'


The South African government has vowed to continue with its plans to create a solar energy park.

It could be providing electricity to the national grid by 2012 and its cost has been put at 150 billion South African Rand...

Category: Energy

African ministers in favour of Green Fund


Several African ministers have backed the idea of the creation of an African Green Fund.

The scheme has been proposed by the African Development Bank (AfDB) and it would be set up to give money for infrastructure projects that...

Category: General

South Africa green energy project benefits thousands


A green energy project in South Africa has ensured the right infrastructure has been developed so that 4,000 families can now enjoy safe supplies of heating and lighting.

Those affected by the move are the residents of a township...

Category: Energy

Finance approved for Zambia road project


Additional financing has been agreed to enable transport infrastructure in Zambia to be improved.

The World Bank approved $15 million in finance (£9.37 million) for the Road Rehabilitation and Maintenance Project.

In a...

Category: Transport

Community infrastructure projects 'succeeding in the Gambia'


Improvements to water, road and health infrastructure in the Gambia have seen success, due to the cooperative aspect of the work.

The World Bank has revealed the community-driven development project (the CDDP) has been met with a...

Categories: General, Water, Transport

Signature of seven co-operation agreements between Algeria and Kuwait


Tuesday 12 October 2010 in Algiers, Kuwait signed seven co-operation agreements with Algeria, during a visit to Algiers by the Emir of Kuwaït, Mr. Al Sabah.

The agreements cover several domains,such as...

Categories: General, Transport

AfDB, MCC sign Africa memorandum


Infrastructure projects may go ahead in the future, due to a memorandum signed between the African Development Bank (AfDB) and the US government's Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC).

AfDB president Donald Kaberuka said:...

Categories: General, Water

ADB finances several satellites for high-speed internet


The African Development Bank has just approved a 50 million dollar loan to finance the construction and launch of several satellites in order to develop access to...

Category: ICT

'More time needed' to review South Africa energy plan


The future of South Africa's energy infrastructure may be discussed by stakeholders in Business Unity South Africa (BUSA), who are currently considering the government's draft Integrated Resource Plan (IRP 2010).

It has...

Category: Energy

ADB signs agreement with MCC to reduce poverty in Africa


On 8 October 2010, the American governmental agency MCC and the African Development Bank signed a memorandum of understanding to reduce poverty and promote economic growth in Africa.


Categories: General, Water, Transport

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