Kenya energy project to increase connectivity

25 October 2010

An energy infrastructure project in Kenya is aiming to bring electricity to one and a half million more people and businesses.

It is all part of the Kenya Electricity Expansion Project and it hopes to connect everyone to the grid by 2015.

Joseph Njoroge, managing director and chief executive of the Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KLPC), noted his company is now linking up 220,000 new customers every year, which is a massive increase on the 12-monthly figure of 60,000 from four years ago.

"This has been achieved through innovative and attractive schemes encouraging Kenyans to connect to the national grid," he added.

The scheme is being supported by the World Bank and various other international partners, with the increased revenue helping the KPLC invest heavily in grid improvements.

Frost & Sullivan energy and power systems research analyst Sandra Ayingono recently said Nigeria has to improve its energy infrastructure in order to encourage future growth in the economy.

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