Energy schemes receive backing from Clean Technology Fund

16 November 2010

A number of African middle-income countries are to alter their energy infrastructure so there is more of an emphasis towards clean technology.

Algeria, South Africa, Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt will receive assistance from the Clean Technology Fund, which is supported by the World Bank and the African Development Bank, among others.

The World Bank stated the plan will "radically rebalance their national energy portfolios by investing in renewables at a large scale".

A wind and concentrated solar power project in South Africa has been described as "ambitious" by the group.

South African Committee member Zaheer Fakir said: "We are on the cusp of an energy revolution."

He added the Clean Technology Fund offers them the support - both financially and technologically - they require and an initial $4.5 billion (£2.8 billion) will sustain the projects.

It comes after the African Development Bank agreed to give Tunisia €240 million (£203 million) to help the nation improve its transport infrastructure.

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