Namibia to build hydro-electric power stations

11 November 2010

Plans are being developed in Namibia that will see the creation of hydro-electric power stations along the Lower Orange River.

According to the Inter Press Service, up to nine run-of-the-river generating stations will be built and they will be able to generate between 90 and 120 megawatts of power.

NamPower managing director Paulinus Shilamba noted the development will be carried out in two stages, with the first one to be finished in 2013.

As things stand, the specialist observed millions is being spent on importing energy because they do not have enough.

"The Orange River [project] is a huge investment and within 20-30 years it should start paying off. It's better to invest in a power station because in the long run the expenses are minimal," he told the news provider.

It comes after the Bank Information Centre noted concentrated solar power projects in Africa have to help the inhabitants of the continent.

Categories: Water, Energy

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