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Can Africa dodge 'curse' of new oil wealth?


Source: The Christian Science Monitor

Technology and geology are converging to unlock billions of barrels of oil across much of Africa in the coming decade. Can Africa avoid a 'resource curse' and leverage its mineral wealth to...

Catégories: Energie, TIC

AfDB to Participate in Rwanda ICT and Innovation Summit


Source: All Africa

The African Development Bank (AfDB), will participate in "Transform Africa 2013 Summit" to be hosted by the government of Rwanda from 28 to 31 October in Kigali.

This pan African ICT event will...

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Geldof: Africa needs aid, debt cancellation, Western and Chinese investment, and mobile phones


Days after declaring his own generation had "failed," rock star philanthropist Bob Geldof has told Al Jazeera that the next generation will do so too.Geldof had struck the previous pessimistic note at The One Young...

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East Africa Oil Discoveries Breed Challenges


Voice of America

Significant oil reserves have been discovered in Uganda and Kenya in recent years. However before Kenyans and Ugandans can benefit from the discoveries infrastructure challenges, political issues and special...

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Afrobaromètre 2013 : Le téléphone mobile se porte bien en Afrique



Sept africains sur 10 possèdent leurs propres téléphones portables. C´est ce qui ressort de l´enquête Afrobaromètre 2013 menée dans 34 pays du continent. Pour les besoins de cette enquête, 51.000 personnes ont été...

Catégorie: TIC

Why the world's technology giants are investing in Africa



"I don't understand. Why is it that the media only seems to talk about Africa when bad things happen?"

The man behind the counter at my hotel in the Ghanaian capital, Accra, was talking to me about my job, and why...

Catégorie: TIC

De nombreux Africains paient leurs factures d'eau et d'électricité avec leur téléphone



Cinq des sept milliards de terriens utilisent la technologie mobile. Parmi les nombreux enjeux de développement auxquels elle répond, la question de la bancarisation et de l'accès aux structures financières pour les...

Catégories: TIC, Energie

Cloud computing: Boundless opportunities for African Entrepreneurs


Capital FM

Cloud computing is not just a game-changer for big businesses in developed nations. In Africa, it's rapidly turning the continent into a place of rich opportunity for bright-eyed entrepreneurs, who are finding they...

Catégorie: TIC

Building Africa's Silicon Savannah


Ventures Africa

The Konza Techno City initiative was launched as part of the economic pillar of Kenya's Vision 2030 development plan, with this new "smart city" dubbed Africa's `Silicon Savannah'.

Many expect that...

Catégorie: TIC

Africa falls far behind in mobile broadband access


Business Report

Forget 3G, that's old news. What about 4G and long-term evolution (LTE)? Using the pace at which the information and communications technology sector is innovating globally as a measure, even that will soon be...

Catégorie: TIC

How Cell Phones Are Transforming Health Care in Africa


MIT Technology Review

Mobile communications can help bridge a huge knowledge gap and reimagine healthcare across Africa.In a little over a decade, Africa has gone from a region with virtually no fixed-line telecoms...

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Ingenico: développe le 'Mobile Money' en Afrique



Ingenico annonce un partenariat stratégique avec Tagattitude, leader sur le marché des solutions de 'mobile money'. Ce partenariat porte sur le développement de l'inclusion financière en Afrique.

Ingenico propose...

Catégorie: TIC

Africa: 47 Sub-Saharan African Countries Agree On Frequency Coordination for Digital Switchover in 2015


PR Newswire

Frequency coordination negotiations have succeeded in setting up the mechanism to deploy digital television in 47 Sub-Saharan African countries.

The consolidation of national plans to implement the digital...

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Mobile phones transform Malawi farmers


Biztech Africa

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is still fascinated by the story of Sara Maunda, a Malawian village farmer who lives in Dowa, 38-kilometres away from Capital City Lilongwe, whose...

Catégorie: TIC

Africa will not be Europe's digital dumping ground, say leaders


African countries demand tougher laws to end influx of electronic waste amid renewed concerns over toxic components.

African countries have demanded action to stem the import of electronic waste, including old...

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Proving the power of social business in Africa


The MediaOnLine

Companies that use social media for business correlate with 63.38% more revenue than non-social companies. This, and other insights into 'social' businesses, will be unearthed by Cerebra in its presentation of...

Catégorie: TIC

Twitter: les leaders africains parmi les plus interactifs au monde


Jeune Afrique

Les dirigeants africains utilisent de plus en plus les réseaux sociaux, et certains de "manière exemplaire", selon les auteurs d'une étude sur l'activité des dirigeants mondiaux sur Twitter. Parmi les ...

Catégorie: TIC

Hello Africa? Investors Are Calling


The Wall Street Journal

The $1 billion financing for African mobile telecommunications infrastructure developer IHS Towers is yet another sign that global investors are warming up to investing on the continent again.


Catégories: TIC, Infrastructures générales

New fund to boost infrastructure development in Africa endorsed



African institutions have endorsed the African Development Bank (AfDB) 'Africa50Fund' an innovation vehicle for financing infrastructure development on the continent.

'Africa50Fund' is an initiative by AfDB to...

Catégorie: TIC

Africa's institutions support Africa50 fund for infrastructure financing



Rising from their meeting in Tunis over the weekend, African institutions endorsed AfDB's Africa50 Fund as Africa's vehicle to facilitate large-scale mobilization of resources and unlock international private financing...

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