Zimbabwe: New dams could ease water crisis

12 avril 2012

Fungai Mbetsa, the acting town clerk of the Zimbabwean municipality of Chitungwiza, has revealed plans to ease the water crisis in the area by constructing two new dams.

At present, the municipality is dependent Harare, the capital city, for its water supply. However, access to the water is often cut off due to failure to pay its bills, The Herald has reported.

But now, Mr Mbetsa has revealed his plan to cure the problem - constructing Nyatsime and Muda Dams at a cost of US$550 million.

Under the terms of the medium to long-term plans, the dams will produce a yield of ten megalitres a day.

By way of contrast, Harare currently supplies 30 megalitres a day, even though the level of demand stands at 45 megalitres.

Assuming the plans come to fruition, Chitungwiza will have a surplus of 55 megalitres, which the municipality will be able to sell-on to other parts of the country.

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