Zimbabwe: Masvingo city officials seek to improve water infrastructure

30 avril 2012

The Zimbabwean city of Masvingo is actively seeking significant funding to improve the water system in order to cope with a sudden population surge, The Herald has reported.

In order to build new water pumping, conveyance and storage infrastructure, the council is seeking as much as US$45 million (£27.7 million).

Through the planned infrastructure project, city officials hope to pump and transport up to 30 mega litres per day.

"We need to build a completely new water works system in the city because the system that we currently have is now old and outdated and can no longer meet the city's demands for water say in the coming few years," commented Alderman Chakabuda, a council official.

"We need to build a new water purification station, new storage tanks and water conveyance pipes and all that will chew up about US$45million."

He added that the council will soon be approaching the government to discuss possible lending options.

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