Zimbabwe: Humanitarian Crisis Looms in Harare

2 novembre 2012

AllAfrica.com - Despite water being central to life on this planet, in Zimbabwe and especially Harare it is something that seems to be taken for granted. An investigation into Harare’s unending water crisis indicates that doom and gloom looms for the capital as residents of the city become more and more desperate to access the precious liquid. And even more desperate times lie ahead as underground water supplies dwindle, writes Nelson Chenga.


THREE hundred and twenty kilometres south east of Harare lie the remnants of Zimbabwe's first capital city: The Great Zimbabwe Ruins or Dzimbahwe. The awesomely beautiful 11th Century stone monument, without any mortar to hold it together for the past 900 years, is today not only a living testimony of brilliant ingenuity of a great people, but it is also living proof of the devastating effects of a humanitarian crisis.

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