Tanzania: World Water Day, Grim Reminder of Water Shortage

26 mars 2012

allAfrica.com - March 25, 2012

As Water Week closed last Thursday, many villages in the country still face shortage of clean water. Mothers in the rural areas, with a baby on their back, still walk long distances in search for water to use in their daily activities like cooking, drinking and washing. In towns too there is a shortage of water.

"I do not think it is right to celebrate World Water Day while we are still facing water shortage in our country," says a resident of Kimara, Dar es Salaam, called Ally Mustapha. "People are still facing a severe shortage of water. In Kimara the problem is chronic." On account of that, Mustapha adds that it is an irony to celebrate the World's Water Day because Tanzanians is still plagued by shortage of clean and safe water.

But Judith Shoo, another Dar resident, supportive of the momentous day, differs with Mustapha and says it is important to commemorate the day because it makes water stakeholders remember the need to supply clean and safe water to the people. "The day reminds water stakeholders to remember their duty of providing safe water to the people," Ms Shoo says.

The fact that over two thirds of our planet earth is covered by water and our body is mostly made up of it, underscores its importance. An international organization, WaterAid called for people all over the world to have safe drinking water on the day. However, a WaterAid report shows that 783 million people still live without this essential service over one in ten across the globe.


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