Tanzania: Dar es Salaam to Build Undersea Cable to Uganda

8 octobre 2012

AllAfrica.com - Tanzania has entered into a contract with Uganda to build an alternative route for the undersea cable via Mutukula to overcome the inconveniences caused by businesses persistent internet cable breakdown.

The move comes after Uganda government invited an international firm for the construction of an alternative internet cable in the country to end the ongoing connectivity blues in the landlocked country.

Mr. Nicodemus Mnungu the Tanzania Telecommunication Company Limited (TTCL), Commercial Executive, said the alternative broadband backbone will enable Uganda widen the internet transmission through and ensure internet reliability.

"Uganda is connected to Kenya cables but it also wants to have an alternative route in case of inconveniences or breakdown," Mnungu said.

Mnungu added that Uganda would be leasing the circuits to transfer their internet contents from Dar es Salaam to Mtukula border and into Uganda to boost the connectivity. The tariffs for the connectivity will depend on connection and on how much bandwidth Uganda would be using through the circuit.

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