Tanzania announces plans for new water wells

23 avril 2012

Over the next four years, as much as TSh15.2 billion (£5.9 million) will be spent to construct and drill water wells in Tanzania, East African Business Week has reported.

Experts hope that the move will help to curb the poor distribution of water in the country.

Drilling and Dam Construction Agency (DDCA), a government Executive Agency that runs under the Ministry of Water and Irrigation, is responsible for the key infrastructure project.

Jonathan Mgaiwa, a director of the DDCA, explained that money is being used to buy the drilling machines needed to construct the wells.

"The first phase of the machines have already arrived worth Tsh7.1 billion while the second phase of machines arrival will cost Tsh8.1 billion," he explained to the news provider.

Mr Mgaiwa added that barring any unforeseen problems, the water wells should be completed by 2016.

And Christopher Sayi, the minister for water, confirmed that the country should be in position to take advantage of groundwater resources by 2025.

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