Russians eye South Africa’s nuclear plans

25 avril 2012

Business Day - 25 April 2012

IVO Kouklik is vice-president, overseas, of Rosatom, the Russian state atomic energy company.

SUMMIT TV: Rosatom has its sights set on South Africa’s nuclear tenders. For South Africans it’s unusual to talk to Russians about nuclear energy. Although you have a long history in the field, we tend to think of the French dominating. I believe Russia builds one in six nuclear plants?

IVO KOUKLIK: Rosatom now employs almost 300000 people. We’ve built something like 70 nuclear power generation units and we have 28 projects in progress, so we are a strong nuclear company.

STV: The French are still the big nuclear player globally. How does your technology compare to theirs?

IK: Our reactor, like the French reactor, is pressurised — that means the physical basis of the reactors are the same. We have different histories. We developed our technology ourselves and we have hundreds of years of safe operation of our reactors.


Catégorie: Energie

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