Mozambique has 30 biofuel projects underway to boost energy supply

6 septembre 2011

The energy infrastructure in Mozambique is set to improve after it was revealed that more than 30 biofuel projects are taking place in the African nation.

Helio Neves, biofuel programme coordinator at the Agricultural Promotion Centre, has stated that there will be an inventory to work out exactly how many initiatives are being held.

He said the country could save over $682 million (£426.31million) every year if all the energy programmes were fully operational, as Mozambique would not have to rely as much on fuel imports.

More than $100 million has been put into the 30 projects so far and Mr Neves said that in 2012 the energy centres will have made enough ethanol and biodiesel to combine with fossil fuels.

The biofuel expert stated that the country has much in the way of raw material molasses as a result of sugar plantations throughout the nation.

Earlier this year, Indian company Tata Chemicals invested more than $15 million in Mozambique's biofuel production, which was originally developed by Grown Energy. 

Catégorie: Energie

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