Moroccan wind farm approved

2 novembre 2011

A wind/hybrid generating system that will bring power to thousands of Morocco's most vulnerable homes has been approved by Climate Investment Funds (CIF).

The project will increase electrical capacity in the country by 1,070 MW, bringing power to 79,436 homes in 24 of the North African nation's most isolated districts.

Overseen by Morocco's public utility, Office National de l'Elecricite (ONE), the project will use $250 million (£156.1 million) of funding from the African Development Bank (AfDB).

As part of the Clean Technology Fund (CTF), the plant is part of Morocco's wider energy strategy, formulated in 2009, which calls for a tenth of all energy generation to come from renewable sources by 2012. Under ONE plans, this figure is expected to be increased to 42 per cent over the next decade.

The World Bank recently approved $250 million worth of funding for a wind and solar power facility in South Africa.  

Catégorie: Energie

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