Kenyan govt announces infrastructure spending

1 mai 2012

Kenyan government officials have confirmed that a record figure is set to be spent on improving the country's road network and energy improvements, The Star has reported.

The Ministry of Roads will, in fact, receive as much as Sh96.6 billion (£71.8 million), while energy is set to see investment reach Sh77.1 billion.

Meshack Kidenda, Kenya's director-general of engineering, explained to the news provider that the investment is to be used for the purpose of ongoing infrastructure projects.

"It (the money) is for ongoing works. It is not even enough," Mr Kidenda said.

The government hopes that the improvements should help bring about economic expansion.

This comes shortly after the African Development Bank (AfDB) declared its interest in helping to improve of transport infrastructure between Kenya, South Sudan and Ethiopia.

Gabriel Negatu, regional director of the AfDB in east Africa, explained that the bank could provide useful assistance for the project.

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