Kenya: The Making of the Huge Lake Turkana Wind Power Project

16 mars 2012 - March 14, 2012

It will feed 300 Megawatts into the national grid via a 400km high-voltage transmission line that will be concurrently built by the Kenya Electricity Transmission Company

When Willem Dolleman first begun fishing and camping around Lake Turkana in the early 1980s, he was struck by the powerful winds blowing in the area. Not only would they blow his boat away from the shore, but they would literally uproot his tent on the bank of the lake forcing him to sleep in his car.

Willem, a Dutchman, was used to winds. Holland has utilized wind energy for centuries and the powerful Lake Turkana winds made Willem wonder if power could be generated from them. The only problem was, no one was interested in wind power. Oil was cheap and the sheer effort and resources needed to begin to exploit wind power in such a remote region for transmission to the national grid was just not worth it. Fast forward to almost three decades later and the tide or wind if you will, has certainly broken in Willem's favour.


Catégories: Energie

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