Denmark explains decision to pull Zambia clean water funding

13 décembre 2011

Denmark has explained why it has decided to halt its funding of water sanitation programmes in Zambia and six other African countries.

The country's ambassador to the African nation, Thomas Schjerbeck, claims that the reasoning was not because of alleged mismanagement of resources, reports Zambia Watchdog.

Instead, the move has been made so that the Scandinavian country can provide financial support to more needy African countries such as South Sudan.

According to the magazine, Denmark has given Zambia approximately $50 million (£32.2 million) a year to help reduce poverty and provide clean drinking water for its residents.

Mr Schjerbeck said that Zambia is now performing well and he is happy that it is financially stable enough to support the programmes that Denmark has set up.

He added that the government expects to spend around another $100 million - before phasing out the funding - to ensure safe drinking water is available in all parts of the country.

The Arab Bank recently pledged $50 million to Kenya for water irrigation and sanitation projects.

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