Cellcom GSM launches 4G network in Liberia

27 juin 2012

Cellcom GSM has just launched its newly built multi-million dollar 4G mobile broadband network in network Liberia, the first of its kind in the country.

The 4G network is, in fact, the most advanced mobile internet technology in the world, underlining the accelerated rate of development in the country, Heritage reports.

As a result of the upgrades, mobile network users will be able to enjoy unrivalled upload and download speeds.

"We expect this new technology to affect education, the press, health, transportation, security and all aspects of Liberia," explained Avishai Marziano, Cellcom's proud chief executive officer.

"With the introduction of this technology, Cellcom has essentially set Liberia ahead of the rest of Africa and on par with Europe and the United States in terms of mobile internet speeds," Kimmie Weeks, chief corporate communications strategist for Cellcom, added.

Thus far, only a few countries in Africa have been able to successfully implement a 4G network.

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