Angola: First wind power plant announced

9 août 2012

The Angolan government has announced the construction of the country's first wind power plant, in the Tombua region, according to the Angola Press.

The project, which is expected to be completed by 2016, has been commissioned in response to growing demand for electricity among the African population.

As a result, the department for energy and water is looking to provide the necessary stability, particularly to urban centres, by building new power plants and modernising old ones.

Government sources stated that it will be one of the biggest power plants on the continent, producing 100 megawatts of power and including facilities for training and experimentation of new technologies.

Minister for energy and water Joao Baptista Borges said: "We still have a big potential to be explored which will enable [the government] to cater for the needs, not just in the domain of consumption but also in industrial production."

Catégorie: Infrastructures générales

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