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China and US to battle for influence in African infrastructure lending


The battle for influence on the continent between Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) and Export Credit Agencies (ECAs) from China and the United States is set to heat up over the next decade in a fierce competition that could help Africa bridge its vast infrastructure gap faster than expected.

Experts weigh Africa's infrastructure needs against rapid urbanisation


Experts attending this years Africa infrastructure conference say the continent needs to accelerate its infrastructure development to match the continent's growing population and rapid urbanisation to achieve development goals.

Poor state of infrastructure hindering economic growth in Africa


The current low levels of infrastructure on the continent pose one of the biggest challenges to Africa’s industrialisation and development agenda.

"Africa needs to accelerate implementation of infrastructure projects"


Accelerating solutions to Africa’s infrastructure gaps must be taken seriously if Africa is to realise the aspirations of its people.

Private Sector Urged to Invest in Africa's Transboundary Infrastructure Projects


ECA assures private sector investors that dependable mechanisms have been established to facilitate and safeguard investment in transboundary projects across Africa.

PIDA Week Ends With Calls On Africa to Accelerate Implementation of Game-Changing Infrastructure Projects


Addressing Africa's infrastructure gap remains an imperative that African governments should continue to take seriously if the continent is to realise the aspirations its people as enshrined in the continent's blueprint for development, Agenda 2063 and the global agenda for sustainable development.

Poor governance a major reason why infrastructure projects fail - AfDB


Poor governance is resulting in infrastructure projects failing to meet their time-frame, budget and service delivery objectives.

Good governance to accelerate Africa's integration through Smart Infrastructure


Smart infrastructure investments underpinned by solid governance mechanisms and strategic partnerships will be crucial to accelerating Africa’s regional connectivity and integration.

China in Africa: an increasingly uneasy marriage of interests


While governments are happy to be wooed by multibillion-dollar loans and large-scale infrastructure investment, feelings on the streets are less warm.

Nigeria: AfDB to Play Bigger Role in Nigeria, Other African Economies By Investing in Infrastructure Private Equity


The Board of Directors of the African Development Bank has approved its third equity investment of US$40 million in Africa Infrastructure Investment Fund (AIIF3), a pan-African infrastructure fund managed by South Africa-based Africa Infrastructure Investment Managers (AIIM).

Regional infrastructure projects with continental impact can drive African trade, growth and development


The latest annual report from the Infrastructure Consortium for Africa (ICA) highlights the importance of regional infrastructure projects in helping to drive continent-wide trade and equitable, sustainable growth.

Closing Africa’s infrastructure financing gap – its not just about more money


Funds for Africa’s infrastructure development are available – but the challenges are finding bankable projects and putting in place effective institutional arrangements.

AfDB investment forum highlights Africa-2-Africa investment


The Africa Investment Forum ended Friday with some 45 deals worth over US$32 billion set in motion with secured investment interest, and a promising emphasis in the continent’s Lusaphone nations.

Africa Investment Forum exceeded expectations, says AfDB


The Africa Investment Forum that was organised recently by the African Development Bank (AfBD) ended on a high note with the closing panel comprising heads of Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) unanimously lauding the unique initiative, calling it an exceptional gathering that “exceeded all expectations.”

Concern over Chinese lending to Africa overblown, says AfDB head


China is a good development partner for Africa and concern about the abundance of Chinese lending to African nations is overblown says the President of the African Development Bank Akinwumi Adesina.

AfDB says Africa needs investments not aid


African Development Bank (AfDB) president Akinwumi Adesina has paid tribute to African leaders for embracing the continent’s economic growth project, saying that this will go a long way in attracting tangible investment for the continent.

Africa’s infrastructure gaps are an investment opportunity waiting to happen


As the continent restructures its debt, shifting global trade relations, Africa’s rising incomes and young demographics, make investment in African infrastructure increasingly attractive.

Africa Investment Forum : Le financement des infrastructures en Afrique a crû de 22 % en 2017


Le Consortium pour les infrastructures en Afrique (ICA par acronyme anglais) a annoncé, mercredi 7 novembre 2018, que les financements engagés pour le développement des infrastructures en Afrique ont augmenté de 22 % en 2017.

Africa Investment Forum : Hausse des financements des infrastructures


Le rapport 2017 du Consortium pour les infrastructures en Afrique (ICA) sur les Tendances de financement des infrastructures en Afrique est révélateur. Les engagements en faveur du développement des infrastructures sur le continent ont connu une hausse de 81,6 milliards de dollars en 2017 contre 66,9 milliards de dollars en 2016.

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