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Theresa May pledges Africa investment boost after Brexit


Theresa May has announced plans to boost Britain's investment in Africa after Brexit, during her first trip to the continent as prime minister. In a speech in Cape Town, she pledged £4bn in support for African economies, to create jobs for young people.

Africa's energy consumption set to rise


Higher economic growth in Africa in the coming years will lead to an inevitable increase in energy consumption, according to the International Energy Outlook 2018 report.

China's infrastructure lesson for Africa


African countries can learn from China's experiences to develop and improve their infrastructure and financing system. But African governments have to play a leading role in infrastructure construction - it is difficult to improve infrastructure by relying solely on market mechanisms.

Public-private partnerships crucial to Africa’s growth and development


Increased public private partnership is needed "to reignite leadership torch" in Africa to achieve even growth and development.

Infrastructure key to intra-Africa trade


The poor state of infrastructure is the bane of Africans doing business within Africa; poor transportation continues to impede market access.

Rwanda, Uganda top African destinations for IT investment


Rwanda and Uganda are emerging as favourite destinations in Africa for investment in information and communications technology, while the leading investor destinations in the ICT sector in sub Saharan Africa - Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa - have recorded a decline in investment flows.

Lessons from Singapore on growth for local firms


Singaporian companies can partner with Kenyan and East African enterprises for economic development - from infrastructure development, economic diversification, regional integration and trade connectivity to urban planning solutions.

Ethiopia inaugurates Africa's first $120 million waste to energy facility


Reppie Waste-to-Energy in Ethiopia will produce 25 megawatts a day, while addressing pollution and environmental degradation.

Getting On The Fast Track: The Digital Transformation Of Africa’s Rail System


Today, fast-growing economies across the continent are upgrading antiquated rail infrastructure to support improved regional trade and mass local transit. However, the poor condition of rail infrastructure and rolling stock in many African countries is undermining the potential of rail systems to contribute to economic development.

Make water a top global priority - it's the best, cheapest way to save lives


The health intervention that has saved more lives than any other in recorded history - water, sanitation and hygiene - remains alarmingly absent in global health care.

Top Infrastructure Challenges in Africa


In Sub-Saharan Africa, poor infrastructure cuts national economic growth by two percentage points every year and reduces productivity by as much as 40%.

East Africa Energy Bodies Court More Investments


Eastern and southern African countries are harmonising their energy regulatory frameworks, in an initiative supported by the EU's European Development Fund (EDF).

How Solar Energy is Powering Off-Grid Areas in East Africa and Lighting Up Lives


A new report on renewable power from the International Energy Agency (IEA) shows that solar is providing new opportunities for households and businesses, and predicts that Africa's off-grid solar capacity will triple in the next five years to more than 3,000MW.

Private equity investment is proof of a positive southern Africa


Region reaps benefit of stability despite unrest in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

What is China doing in Africa?


What are Chinese corporations doing in Africa? That's a highly controversial issue.

African governments’ quest for cheap electricity has kept millions of us in the dark


Power utilities are a very important part of the chain for delivering electrical power to end users. They are vital for extending grid-based power to consumers, to ensure regular and efficient power supply, and to ensure money flows through the entire power sector. The problem is that across Africa, the vast majority of power utilities are effectively bankrupt.

Equity Crowdfunding: A New Model for Investing in Africa


The time has come to introduce new and different funding models to supplement venture financing in Africa. One model in particular - equity crowdfunding - may be of potential benefit, given its applicability to emerging markets.

Enel Green Power reaches financial close for five wind projects


Enel Green Power RSA has signed project financing agreements of up to $1 billion for the development of wind projects in South Africa.

African countries know they need better road networks but not how to pay for them


Governments, multilateral agencies and development-financing officials are usually pretty clear-eyed about the huge economic potential that could be unlocked by getting Africa better connected. But doing this is easier said than done among 54 countries spread across a land mass that could take in China, India, the United States mainland and still have room for most of Europe.

China in Africa: A win-win development or a new colonialism?


The tiny fishing village of Bagamoyo in Tanzania is set to become Africa’s largest port in a $10bn Chinese development. Are locals right to be optimistic?

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