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ICA a formé plus de 45 intervenants sur la réforme du secteur électrique


Sur Février 27 et 28 plus de 45 personnes des services compétents dans le Centre des ressources naturelles de l'Afrique ( CRNA ) , Stratégie et politiques de gestion ( COSP ) , le NEPAD , de l'Intégration régionale et commerce (...

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ICA Attends PIDA Réunion Lire la suite


Février : 2014 Dans le cadre du rôle de l' ICA dans l'architecture institutionnelle de Développement des Infrastructures en Afrique ( IAIDA ) , le Secrétariat de l'ICA a participé à la 2014 premier trimestre , PIDA ( Programme de...

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ICA Fonctionne avec ALSF à former les parties prenantes de neuf différents pays


L'atelier de formation de cinq jours a été structuré de manière à ce que les participants ont reçu une vaste possibilité de comprendre toutes les nuances des accords d'achat d'électricité.

L'atelier a débuté par des...

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ICA se joint au conseil consultatif du filtre des risques de l'eau


Janvier 2014 : Le filtre des risques de l'eau - développé par le Fonds mondial pour la nature (WWF ), en collaboration avec la Banque allemande de développement Deutsche Entwicklungsgesellschaft (DEG ) - est un outil gratuit , en...

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Interview with Mohamed Hassan, Coordinator


The ICA Co-ordinator answers questions on key aspects of the consortium’s work

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South Africa joins the Infrastructure Consortium for Africa – as the first G20 member.


“… We are very excited to welcome The Republic of South Africa as the first G20 member…”  said ICA Coordinator Mohamed Hassan.

Tunis | December 5, 2013:  Launched at the G8 Gleneagles Summit in 2005, the ICA...

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Press Release: ICA 9th Annual Meeting - A Big Success


9th Annual Meeting of the Infrastructure Consortium for Africa – A Big Success.

November 20, 2013 - Tunis: The Infrastructure Consortium for Africa (ICA) held its 9th Annual Meeting in Arusha, Tanzania. This year marked an...

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Tackling the Climate Vulnerability of Africa’s Infrastructure


Source: By Jamal Saghir, Director, Sustainable Development, Africa Region, The World Bank

Africa’s poor state of infrastructure cuts economic growth by 2 percentage points every year, and reduces business productivity on the...

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Reforming the Policy and Regulatory Framework for Transport Infrastructure in Africa


Source: By Michael Jordan, Consultant

It is well recognized that the costs of trade - the transport and other costs of doing business internationally - are important determinants of a country's ability to participate in the...

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Why Discuss Cross-border Harmonisation at the 2013 ICA Plenary Meeting?


Source: By Brian Baxendale, Phil Brown, Tim Bushell and Tim Lamont DFID

Roads, Power stations, clean water supplies, telecommunications; these are some of the recognisable building blocks of the modern world that enable the...

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African Open Skies Assessment Underway


The ICA and the European Investment Bank (EIB) recruited a consultant to undertake the study ‘to assist in the opening up of Aviation Services in Africa’. The overall objective of the study is to address the barriers to the...

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ICA Organizes Workshop on Reducing Water Losses


The ICA organized a workshop titled “Tackling Non-Revenue Water – Innovative Mechanisms for Increased Efficiency of Utilities” at the IWA Development Congress in Nairobi, Kenya. The workshop took place on 16th October 2013 and...

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ICA Hosts a Lively Meeting at Stockholm World Water Week 


In early September, 2013, ICA hosted the 2nd Water Platform Meeting at the annual World Water Week Conference in Stockholm, Sweden. This closed meeting provided a comfortable opportunity for ICA members, African Partners...

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ICA and Africa Law Support Facility co-organizing a training workshop on Renewable Energy Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)


Closing Africa’s power infrastructure gap requires an estimated US$43 billion per year in capital investments over the period of 2012-2020. Mobilizing private investment, particularly in generation, is crucial to reaching that...

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Call for expression of interest


Call for expressions of interest: Support to Water, Climate and Development Programme (WACDEP) Project Preparation and Financing

The Global Water Partnership (GWP) is an intergovernmental organisation established in 1996 to...

ICA works on Non-Revenue Water – Discussion at up-coming Stockholm World Water Week


In parts of Africa physical infrastructure issues such as old and leaking pipes, and operational issues such as lack of metering, poor billing and collection procedures as well as illegal water connections represent a loss of...

FUND FINDER– Helping to Finance Project Preparation


Over the years, too many great ideas for renewable energy, transportation, water and communications technology projects have died on the vine because managers and promoters could not finance the project preparation phase -...

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ICA provides guidance to AMCOW on project preparation


In June of 2013, ICA Water Finance Expert, Sonja Hoess traveled to Berlin to provide guidance to the Technical Committee (TAC) of the  African Ministries Council on Water on the importance of project preparation . ...

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Multi-Billion Dollar Commitment from the United States to Improve Access to Power in Africa. POWER AFRICA - A Landmark Initiative.

Multi-Billion Dollar Commitment from the United States to Improve Access to Power in Africa. POWER AFRICA - A Landmark Initiative.


July10, 2013 | Tunis  “…The Infrastructure Consortium for Africa is thrilled to hear this announcement today … says, ICA Coordinator, Mohamed Hassan. We have always enjoyed a great relationship with our energy colleagues...

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ICA discussions with Korea – Strengthening the ICT Platform


In June of 2013, The ICA Secretariat sent a representative to Korea to meet with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to discuss the possibility of Korea joining ICA as a G20 member. ICA had also discussions with the National IT...

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