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African Development Bank: Initiative for Risk Mitigation

PDF - 2013

Compelling new survey results indicate risk mitigation is needed to increase investment and access to finance in Africa.

White Paper on Sustainable Energy Projects in Africa


This White Paper highlights the key success factors and best practices for these Africa Energy projects. It also describes which pitfalls to avoid. These experiences can serve as a reference point for a wide group of people – (project managers,...

Value for Money Analysis - Practices and Challenges: How Governments Choose When to Use PPP  to Deliver Public Infrastructure and Services.


Value for Money (VFM) is broadly defined as the optimum combination of whole-of-life costs and quality of the good or service to meet a user's requirements. The report analyses the VFM in many public private partnerships.  It would be a useful...

Le développement des infrastructures est un levier essentiel du progrès sur le continent africain et un facilitateur vital de la productivité et de la croissance durable. Il contribue considérablement au développement humain, à la réduction de la...

JICA's World Magazine

Magazine - 2013

This is an age of dramatic and exciting change for Africa, with a population boom underway and many countries experiencing rapid economic growth. The years of stagnation and decline are a thing of the past, and a youthful and vibrant new Africa is...

Africa’s Power Infrastructure

Study - 2013

This study examines how improvements in project financing methods can foster the development of greenfield mining-related transportation infrastructure

Ce rapport fait le point sur la situation des infrastructures en Afrique de l'Est et traite des indicateurs infrastructuraux dans les domaines de l'énergie, de l'eau, du transport et des TIC.

Needs Assessment for Risk Mitigation in Africa

Study - 2013

The objective of this study was to generate a ‘map’ of the needs of investors into North-Africa for guarantees and other risk mitigation instruments, and more generally into the Continent as a whole,  over the next three years. This...

Cette étude tire des conclusions édifiantes sur l'expérience des concessions ferroviaires en Afrique subsaharienne au cours des 15 dernières années, et réexamine...

Derisking Renewable Energy Investment

Framework - 2013

This study provides a framework to support policymakers in selecting public instruments to promote renewable energy investment in developing countries

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