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Le Cameroun souhaite réunir 400 millions de dollars pour les infrastructures


Le Cameroun a lancé jeudi dernier un emprunt obligataire afin de récolter 400 millions de dollars pour financer plusieurs travaux d'infrastructures.

Le ministre des Finances, Essimi Menye, a fait cette annonce...

Categories: ICT, Water, Transport

Nigeria launches renewable energy scheme


Nigeria is going to launch renewable energy and sustainable transport plans that will improve the infrastructure of the country.

The nation has submitted and received backing for a $250 (£156) million investment plan after...

Categories: Transport, Energy

Kenya water infrastructure to improve with new facility


A major water project is being undertaken in Kenya that will improve the infrastructure of the country.

At a cost of 1.4 billion Kenyan shillings (£10 million), the scheme is expected to improve the water supply for Nakuru...

Category: Water

'Better electricity generation required' in Southern Africa


Southern Africa should look to boost regional economic development by increasing the amount of electricity it generates, it has been claimed.

Robert Mugabe, president of Zimbabwe, was speaking after the Caprivi Link...

Category: Energy

Zimbabwe 'to improve energy infrastructure with ethanol project'


An ethanol project is taking place in Zimbabwe that will improve the energy infrastructure of the country.

The $600 million (£375 million) scheme is currently taking place in Chisumbanje in Chipinge, Manicaland and it is...

Category: Energy

Energy schemes receive backing from Clean Technology Fund


A number of African middle-income countries are to alter their energy infrastructure so there is more of an emphasis towards clean technology.

Algeria, South Africa, Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt will receive assistance from the...

Category: Energy

African transport infrastructure 'to improve under new scheme'


A number of African countries are to set up a project that will improve transport infrastructure in the continent and reduce the cost of doing business.

Under the secretariat of the Sub-Saharan Africa Transport Policy Programme...

Category: Transport

Niger receives cash to address lack of climate resilience


Niger has received a portion of $270 million (£167 million) in order to improve its resilience against climate impacts, which will include new water infrastructure.

The money comes from a Pilot Programme for Climate...

Category: Water

Cameroon 'can become telecoms leader in Africa'


More time needs to be spent on making Cameroon a leader in telecoms in Africa, one expert has claimed.

Jamal Saghir, the World Bank's Africa director for sustainable development, noted it is important the country develops...

Category: ICT

Namibia to build hydro-electric power stations


Plans are being developed in Namibia that will see the creation of hydro-electric power stations along the Lower Orange River.

According to the Inter Press Service, up to nine run-of-the-river generating stations will be built...

Categories: Water, Energy

Energy projects 'must help right people'


It is important that the right people benefit from concentrated solar power (CSP) projects in Africa, it has been claimed.

According to the Bank Information Centre, which partners with developing countries to influence...

Category: Energy

Ugandans benefit from new water pumps


Up to 7,000 individuals in Masafu, Uganda will benefit from improved water infrastructure thanks to new pumps.

It is all part of a $3.2 million (£2 million) programme that is being funded by a grant from the Global...

Category: Water

African Carbon Support Project launched


The African Carbon Support Project has been launched with the help for the African Development Bank (AfDB) and Carbon Limits, which may help tackle the issue of climate change.

It will try to help projects in the continent that...

Category: Energy

Programme to improve internet access in Zimbabwe nears completion


A programme that will improve the internet infrastructure of Zimbabwe will be completed by the end of the year.

The $6.2 million (£3.8 million) scheme will see fibre optic cables rolled out across the country, the Standard...

Category: ICT

Africa 'requires better transport infrastructure'


Intra-Africa trade and development will only be able to flourish if the transport infrastructure of the continent is improved, one expert has claimed.

Paul Runge, managing director of Africa Project Access, noted too much money...

Category: Transport

Projects to improve African water infrastructure?


Three projects are set to be carried out in Africa to improve the infrastructure of the water service at a cost of €100 million (£88 million).

As part of the contracts, an extension will be carried out for the Tangier...

Category: Water

Africa needs 'improved transport infrastructure'


Lack of transport infrastructure is the single-biggest issue preventing the development of Africa, one expert has claimed.

Ahmed Heikal, chairman and founder of Citadel Capital Corporation, is trying to link the Egyptian port of...

Category: Transport

African summit focuses on importance of clean energy


A range of energy specialists and politicians are taking part in a conference that will focus on the importance of developing clean energy in Africa.

The All-Africa Energy Week is running from November 1st to 5th and it will give...

Category: Energy

AfDB gives Zimbabwe $58m for water and power projects


The African Development Bank (AfDB) is to give Zimbabwe $58 million (£36 million) to put towards water and power rehabilitation projects.

It comes after a decade where the infrastructure of the country has been decimated by...

Categories: Water, Energy

African countries meet to discuss infrastructure development


Countries from eastern and southern Africa have met to discuss ways of improving infrastructure development in the area.

The purpose of the dialogue is to ascertain ways of increasing funding for developing the region's...

Category: General

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