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African Women and ICTs-Investigating Technology, Gender and Empowerment

eBook - 2009

Women in Africa are undeniably participating in the information and communication technology (ICT) revolution and they are doing so in many and varied ways; the changes that the use of these tools have brought about are visible everywhere....

ICTs for Democracy

Research Paper - 2009

Information and Communication Technologies for the Enhancement of Democracy – with a Focus on Empowerment

Diffusion of ICTs in Selected Ghanaian Schools

Research Paper - 2009

The use of Information Communication Technology (ICTs) in Ghanaian schools and African countries is generally increasing and dramatically growing (Tella & Adeyinka, 2007). However, while there is a great deal of knowledge about how ICTs are...

Improving Hygience Awareness and Sanitation - Findings and Recommendatios for Development Banks


The central objective of the International Year of Sanitation was to put the global community on track to achieve the MDG sanitation target. The year was successful in increasing awareness and commitment and mobilizing governments. However, one year...

Radio Convergence and Development in Africa

Research Paper - 2009

Paper submitted to International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and Carleton University Roundtable Discussion on a Research Agenda, Sep 10-13, Butare, Rwanda

Abidjan-Lagos Trade and Transport Facilitation Project—PID

Report - 2009

The objective of the program is to reduce trade and transport barriers in the ports and on the roads along the Abidjan-Lagos coastal corridor. The total cost of the program is estimated at about US$340 million. The regional program will cover...

Les Petits opérateurs privés de la distribution d’eau à Maputo : d’un problème à une solution ? Regards croisés

Study/Research - 2009

A Maputo, le réseau officiel d’approvisionnement en eau potable ne dessert qu’une petite partie des habitants de l’agglomération. De nombreux habitants, en particulier ceux de la périphérie de la ville, n’ont d’autre choix que de s’approvisionner...

How do cellphones benefit vulnerable people? Lessons from farming cooperatives in Lesotho

Report - 2009

As part of its remit to build evidence on innovative approaches to develop better, more dynamic ways of tackling both acute hunger and chronic, predictable vulnerability, the Regional Hunger and Vulnerability Programme undertook a pilot project to see how vulnerable people benefit from cellphones.

Water - Fundamental for Development - DEG/KFW Annual Report 2008

Annual Report - 2009

DEG/KFW Annual Report 2008 - On cooperation with developing countries in the water sector

Research on Cross-Border Transport infrastructure: Phase 3

Report - 2009

This document is a summary of the Research Study on Cross-Border Transport Infrastructure (CBTI) in Africa - Phase III, conducted by the Economic Infrastructure Department of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

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