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Water - Saving Irrigation

Briefing Note - 2010

In the 21st century, an increasing number of countries will have to cope with severe water scarcity. It is gen-erally agreed that this water crisis can be attributed to high levels of water use in agriculture, especially in irrigated agriculture....

Etudes d’impact des programmes d’électrification rurale en Afrique subsaharienne

Study/Research - 2010

La dépendance des investissements publics africains à l’aide internationale les rend vulnérables aux changements de paradigmes de l’aide au développement, tantôt orientés vers les équipements et la croissance, tantôt vers l’assainissement économique...

Africa's Infrastructure: A Time for Transformation

Overview & Full Report - 2010

The Africa Infrastructure Country Diagnostic (AICD) is a comprehensive knowledge program commissioned by the ICA to improve understanding of Africa's infrastructure situation. The AICD assists policymakers in setting priorities for current...

ICA 2009 Annual Report & Annual Report Overview

Annual Report - 2009

The Annual Report analyses the 2009 commitments and disbursements for infrastructure in Africa by ICA Members and other sources of finance.

Attracting Investors to African infrastructure projects

Guide - 2009

Attracting Investors to African Public-Private Partnerships will help the public sector in Africa to attract private sector investment through effective project advertising, management, and implementation. This book will enhance the chances of...

Situational Analysis at Beitbridge Border Post Between Zimbabwe and South Africa

Final report - 2009

Situational Analysis of the Operationalization of a One-Stop-Border Post (OSBP) between Zimbabwe and South Africa

AFCAP Mozambique. Development of an Index for Monitoring the Condition of Low-Traffic Unpaved Roads

Report - 2009

Development of an Index for Monitoring the Condition of Low-Traffic Unpaved Roads in Mozambique

Children, transport and mobility. Sharing experiences of young researchers in Ghana, Malawi and South Africa

Booklet - 2009

This report discusses research findings about children’s journeys to school and other places in Ghana, Malawi and South Africa

Analysis of the Value Chain for Biogas in Tanzania Northern Zone (Tanga, Kilimanjaro, Arusha and Manyara)

Report - 2009

This study aimed at exploring weaknesses in the biogas value chain that hinder wider dissemination of the technology in Tanzania

Research Productivity Visibility Accessibility and Scholarly Communication in Southern African Universities

Journal Article - 2009

The project for the revitalisation of Southern Africa’s higher education sector is dependent on, among other things, the capacity of the region’s universities to produce research, to communicate that research to a broad public audience and to use...

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