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The Africa Competitiveness Report 2011

Report - 2011

The Africa Competitiveness Report 2011, the third report jointly published by World Bank organizations, comes out at a time when Africa’s recovery from the global economic crisis has been faster than it has in many other parts of the world. The...

Sharing the water, sharing the benefits: Lessons from six large dams in West Africa

Research paper - 2011

Case Study of Six Large Dams in West Africa

Infrastructure for Economic Development and Poverty Reduction

Report - 2011

This report evaluates the role of infrastructure in promoting economic growth and poverty reduction in Africa

Sustainable Mobility in African Cities

Report - 2011

This report is the summary of the seminar ‘Sustainable Development of Public Transport in Africa’, held in Nairobi, Kenya, on November 10 and 11, 2009.

Regional Power Status in African Power Pools

Report - 2011

This ICA report provides an overview of power pools in Africa as of end 2010, including the most recent key data and relevant information. The report covers current infrastructure and institutional status in addition to key investment trends.

When The Power Comes: An Analysis of IPPs in Africa


Investigating Water Security Across a Rainfall Transect - Preliminary Results From Water Economy & Livelihoods Survey in Nigeria and Mali

Study Report - 2011

Ground Water Science Open Programme - Open Report OR/11/018

Case Studies and Guidelines for Implementation and Evaluation

What are the Key Lessons for ICT4D Parnerships for Poverty Reduction

Report - 2011

The main aim of this report is to summarise the evidence available on the effects of ICT4D partnerships on poverty reduction. The research question: “What are the key lessons of ICT4D partnerships for poverty reduction?” guided the review. A further...

L’accès à l’eau et à l’assainissement pour les populations en situation de crise : comment passer de l’urgence à la reconstruction et au développement ?

Study/Research - 2011

Face au constat du manque de capitalisation de l’expérience des humanitaires, ce rapport a pour objectif de contribuer à la réflexion sur les stratégies et les pratiques à adopter afin d’améliorer l’efficacité des interventions WaSH (en anglais :...

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