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Life Cycle Carbon Footprint of the North-South Corridor Road Network

Report - 2013

The aim of the life cycle carbon footprint study is to get a baseline on the carbon impact of the North-South Corridor road network and to understand the relative importance of the different phases of a road (ex: construction, operation, maintenance...

AFCAP Mozambique. Development of an Index for Monitoring the Condition of Low-Traffic Unpaved Roads

Report - 2009

Development of an Index for Monitoring the Condition of Low-Traffic Unpaved Roads in Mozambique

Les Petits opérateurs privés de la distribution d’eau à Maputo : d’un problème à une solution ? Regards croisés

Study/Research - 2009

A Maputo, le réseau officiel d’approvisionnement en eau potable ne dessert qu’une petite partie des habitants de l’agglomération. De nombreux habitants, en particulier ceux de la périphérie de la ville, n’ont d’autre choix que de s’approvisionner...

Regional Communications Infrastructure Program 3 (RCIP3) Tanzania, Mozambique, Malawi—PID

Report - 2008

Project Concept Stage PID - Tanzania, Malawi and Mozambique

Provision of Infrastructure in Post Conflict Situations

Report - 2005

The paper aims at providing a background resource for the professional development of DFID advisors and contractors working in similar situations (post conflict).

Challenges of Infrastructure Rehabilitation and Reconstruction in War-affected Economies

Research paper - 1999

Background Paper for the African Development Bank Report - 1999

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