Regional cooperation 'necessary for Nigerian energy goals'

30 November 2009

Nigeria's energy goals are not set high enough - and the country should look towards regional programmes to achieve the affordability and accessibility its population needs.

This is according to People's Democratic Party elder Alhaji Abba Dansani, who was quoted this weekend in the Daily Trust as saying that the promised 6,000MW by December is insufficient.

He added not enough emphasis was being placed on affordability in discussions on electricity targets - a priority in the "depressed economy".

President Umaru Yar'adua should look to collaborate with a nation with the relevant know-how, so corruption is eliminated and a successful model can be followed, Mr Abba Dansani suggested.

Some of the candidates could include France or Niger, which has the uranium needed to produce nuclear power, he was quoted as saying.

"This will consequently boost our economies with a ripple effect to other [Economic Community of West African States] countries."

Recently, an editorial in Nigerian news source the Guardian suggested the December deadline for the goal of 6,000MW may be unrealistic.

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