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Energy alternatives in Africa


Source: Business Excellence

When President Jacob Zuma appointed Elizabeth Dipuo Peters to the post of Energy Minister in 2009 one of the key performance areas he asked her to progress was getting greater private sector...

Category: Energy

AfDB to Participate in Rwanda ICT and Innovation Summit


Source: All Africa

The African Development Bank (AfDB), will participate in "Transform Africa 2013 Summit" to be hosted by the government of Rwanda from 28 to 31 October in Kigali.

This pan African ICT event will...

Category: ICT

Geldof: Africa needs aid, debt cancellation, Western and Chinese investment, and mobile phones


Days after declaring his own generation had "failed," rock star philanthropist Bob Geldof has told Al Jazeera that the next generation will do so too.Geldof had struck the previous pessimistic note at The One Young...

Category: ICT

AfDB reports significant opportunities of shale gas production in Africa in a new publication


Several African countries have potentially viable shale gas deposits, which, if developed, could lead to lower gas prices, increased consumption of natural gas, reduced greenhouse gas emissions from power generation and...

Category: Energy

Environmental concerns cloud path of African power plans


Business Day

Within days of each other in June, President Barack Obama and US legislators across the spectrum announced a push to lift Africa´s development by providing electricity to millions without it.

That unanimity has...

Category: Energy

East Africa Oil Discoveries Breed Challenges


Voice of America

Significant oil reserves have been discovered in Uganda and Kenya in recent years. However before Kenyans and Ugandans can benefit from the discoveries infrastructure challenges, political issues and special...

Categories: Energy, ICT

Africa adopts Islamic sukuk to fund big infrastructure projects


Financial Times

Africa is for the first time embracing large-scale Islamic finance as countries seek to tap cash-rich Middle Eastern investors to finance their large infrastructure programmes.

The market for sukuk, or Islamic...

Category: General

US $14.7 billion invested in African clean energy since 2007


Africa Investor

Between 2011 and 2012, the African Development Bank (AfDB) increased by 92% its investment in clean energy in Africa, according to a new report by Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

The publication looks at the clean...

Category: Energy

Afrobaromètre 2013 : Le téléphone mobile se porte bien en Afrique



Sept africains sur 10 possèdent leurs propres téléphones portables. C´est ce qui ressort de l´enquête Afrobaromètre 2013 menée dans 34 pays du continent. Pour les besoins de cette enquête, 51.000 personnes ont été...

Category: ICT

Aérien : les aéroports africains décollent-ils?


Jeune Afrique

Sur le continent, le trafic devrait tripler d'ici à 2029. Mais si les aménagements aéroportuaires ne suivent pas l'évolution de la demande, cette croissance risque d'être fauchée en plein vol.

L'aéroport de...

Category: Transport

Why the world's technology giants are investing in Africa



"I don't understand. Why is it that the media only seems to talk about Africa when bad things happen?"

The man behind the counter at my hotel in the Ghanaian capital, Accra, was talking to me about my job, and why...

Category: ICT

Infrastructure boom propels African economy


ERTA (Ethiopia)

The Loan Market Association (LMA) says that seven out of the 10 fastest growing economies in the world over the next decade will be African, and Ethiopia, Mozambique and Tanzania are expected to lead the ...

Category: Transport

Africa Is Warmer Thanks to Ozone Hole Over Antarctica


The infamous hole in the ozone layer above Antarctica may have caused warming in southern Africa over the past two decades, researchers say.

However, as the hole in the ozone layer continues to shrink due to ...

Categories: Energy, General

With new president, Yale looks to Africa


Yale Daily News

When University President Peter Salovey said the word "Africa" in his Sunday inaugural speech, it was the first time any Yale president had mentioned the continent in such a high-profile...

Category: General

De nombreux Africains paient leurs factures d'eau et d'électricité avec leur téléphone



Cinq des sept milliards de terriens utilisent la technologie mobile. Parmi les nombreux enjeux de développement auxquels elle répond, la question de la bancarisation et de l'accès aux structures financières pour les...

Categories: ICT, Energy

Dix millions de dollars de la BADEA pour le futur Aéroport international de Ouagadougou



La Banque a rabe pour le développement économique de l'Afrique (BADEA) vient d'accorder un prêt de 10 millions de dollars au Burkina Faso, pour les travaux de construction du futur Aéroport international de...

Category: Transport

Djibouti et la Banque Mondiale signent un accord pour le développement de la géothermie



La Banque mondiale et Djibouti ont signé lundi un accord de financement pour l'exploitation des ressources volcaniques de Djibouti afin de produire de l'énergie géothermique.

L'IDA, institution de la Banque mondiale...

Category: Energy

West Africa: Best clean energy entrepreneurs to be honoured



Clean energy entrepreneurs - The Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa (SEFA), a multi-donor initiative administered by the African Development Bank (AfDB), will participate in the West Africa Clean Energy Finance Forum...

Category: Energy

L'électricité d'Inga III attire déjà des preneurs: Pretoria compte acheter 2 500 MW des 4 800 MW à produire



Le projet Inga III Basse Chute constitue un mega deal entre Kinshasa et Pretoria. L'Afrique du Sud s'engage à prendre le gros morceau du courant électrique qui sera produit par Inga III en promettant d'acheter la moitié de...

Category: Energy

Africa's governments must manage natural resource rents wisely - Kofi Annan


Ghana Web

Mr. Kofi Annan, former UN Secretary General and Chair of the Africa Progress Panel, has challenged governments in Africa to wisely manage revenues that come from the continent's natural resources. In managing these...

Category: General

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