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Nuclear and Renewable Energy Interactions and Possible Synergies

Paper - 2014

This paper explores various hybrid technical possibilities where nuclear and RE generation could be utilized in the same system.

Decision-making for High Renewable Energy Futures

Paper - 2014

This short piece is derived from the tremendous work of NREL’s Renewable Energy Futures work (A four-volume set exploring high RE penetration in the U.S.). It considers some of the policy and regulatory impacts of the results of that study.

Democratization, Energy Poverty, and the Pursuit of Symmetry

Paper - 2014

This essay was a joy to write with my friend Griff Thompson. It was published in the journal “Global Policy”. It focuses on the governance aspects of foreign policy as they relate to energy poverty.

Africa-EU Renewable Energy Cooperation Programme (RECP) Strategy 2020

Report - 2013

Launched in 2010, the Africa-EU Renewable Energy Cooperation Programme (RECP) aims to overcome the existing constraints and barriers in developing renewable energy,...

International Law - Facilitating Trans-boundary Water Cooperation | Background Paper No. 17 (2013)

Paper - 2013

In a period where public financial resources are particularly limited, how do we prioritize investments in water security? Which aspects are most critical for enabling growth?  What are the most significant investments needed to increase water...

The International Energy Agency Wind Power Technology Roadmap 2013 Edition

Report - 2013

The International Energy Agency Wind Power Technology Roadmap 2013 Edition recognizes the very significant progress made since the first edition was published in 2009. The technology continues to improve rapidly, and costs of generation...

African Construction Trends Report, 2013

Report - 2013

In this second African Construction Trends Report, Deloitte focused on continental construction trends for projects valued at more than US$ 50 million on which construction began, but was not completed, before 1 June 2013. The top sectors, rated by...

Corridor Transport Observatory Guidelines

Guidebook - 2013

This easy-to-use guidebook has tools and instructions that help corridor management institutions Regional Economic Communities, and corridor stakeholders with a the means to develop a Transport Observatory - useful for watching bottlenecks along the...

Life Cycle Carbon Footprint of the North-South Corridor Road Network

Report - 2013

The aim of the life cycle carbon footprint study is to get a baseline on the carbon impact of the North-South Corridor road network and to understand the relative importance of the different phases of a road (ex: construction, operation, maintenance...

Evaluation of the European Union Africa Infrastructure Trust Fund - and - DFID management response: Evaluation of EU Africa Infrastructure Trust Fund


This evaluation focused on the implementation of the ITF at a programme / portfolio level. The objective was not to assess individual projects, however project level information has been reviewed for 10 projects as part of a case study analysis....

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