Zambia seeks K500bn for water and sanitation upgrade

31 December 2009

Mulonga Water and Sewerage needs investor aid to fix dilapidated infrastructure in three districts in order to improve reticulation.

The Zambian company is seeking some K500 billion (£66.4 million) to carry out the necessary works in the Chingola, Chililabombwe and Mufulira districts, the Times of Zambia reported.

Director Manuel Mutale was quoted as saying these upgrades could make a huge difference to the long-term economic health of the company.

He said that in areas where water infrastructure was completely run down, revenue was extremely low and further efforts would need to be made to bring the service in some districts up to standard.

For example, in Chingola, water quality was suffering from an excess of mineral particles linked to the copper extraction work going on nearby.

The Zambia Post recently published an editorial relaying specialist concerns that the country was not on track to achieve the 2015 Millennium Development Goals for water.

Devolution Trust Fund manager Sam Gong'a blamed the sector's shortcomings on low investment activity.

Category: Water

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