World Bank invests in Senegal water and sanitation

23 February 2010

Water and sanitation infrastructure in Senegal will be improved after the World Bank's board of executive directors approved a $55 million (£35.6 million) investment.

Country director Habib Fetini said the finance is "crucial" and will help Senegal to reach Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in the sector.

It is thought that the programme will be implemented within the coming five years and will aid certain rural and urban areas of the country.

"Senegal has a proven record in designing innovative reforms and policies in the water and sanitation sector," Mr Fetini explained.

Urban water has already reached the MDG but it is now hoped that this investment will lead to the same result for rural sanitation.

An effective public-private partnership was created in the former case and is now in charge of delivering services across the country, Mr Fetini added.

The United Nations' secretary-general Ban Ki-moon recently reminded the public that the MDGs have five years in which to be achieved.

Category: Water

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